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About Powys Teaching Health Board


Powys Teaching Health Board is one of seven health boards in Wales.

Together, health boards cover the entire landmass of Wales and are responsible for planning, commissioning and providing local health services to address local needs.

Each year we receive a budget from Welsh Government to provide health services and improve health for 133,000 people living in Powys - a large rural county of 2000 square miles, approximately a quarter of the land mass of Wales.

The very rural nature of Powys means that the majority of local services are provided locally, through GPs and other primary care services, community hospitals and community services. But with such a sparsely populated area we do not have the critical mass of people locally to provide a District General Hospital within Powys. Therefore, we pay for Powys residents to receive specialist hospital services in hospitals outside of the county in both England and Wales

We are always striving to bring as many services back into Powys as possible, including assessments and follow ups after treatment.