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This section of our website provides information about the services provided by Powys Teaching Health Board.

If you are looking for services provided for the people of Powys by neighbouring health boards (in Wales) and NHS Trusts (in England) please visit our Neighbouring Hospitals page.

Adult Community Services
Adult and Older People's Community Services
Information about community services for adults and older people in Powys.
Adult and Older People's Mental Health Services
Information about mental health services for adults and older people.
Carers Services and Support

Information about services and support for carers.

Children's Community Services

Information about Services for Children and Young People.

Hospital Services in Powys

Information about Hospital Services in Powys.

Learning Disabilities Services

Information about Learning Disabilities Services in Powys.

Medicines Management
Other Services

Information about Other Services, including how we commission services for you.

Fatigue Management Service Logo with English Text
Pain and Fatigue Management Service

Information about Pain and Fatigue Management Services in Powys

Primary Care Services

Information about Primary Care Services in Powys.

Research and Development

Information about Research and Development in Powys.

Adult Social Services
Social Services

Information about Social Services in Powys.

Transport Services

Information about Transport Services for patients in Powys.

Urgent Care Services
Information about how to access urgent health information, advice and treatment.
Voluntary Services

Information about Voluntary Services in Powys.

Virtual and Online Services

This section of our website provides information about virtual and online services.

Maternity Services
Women's Services & Maternity Services

Information about Women's Services and Maternity Services in Powys.