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Key Documents

This section of our website provides key documents, such as Annual Reports, Annual Quality Statements and health board strategies. Click on the links below to find out more.

Annual Reports, Annual Accounts and Annual Quality Statements

Read our Annual Reports, Annual Accounts and Annual Quality Statements.

Strategies and Plans

Information about the Health Board's main strategies and plans, including our Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP).

Public Health Annual Reports

Read the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health of Powys Teaching Health Board.

Health Board Policies

Read our Health Board Policies.

Equality and Welsh Language

Read our key reports and strategies for Equality and Welsh Language.

Lists and Registers

Information about the Lists and Registers we maintain.

External Reports and Investigations

Information about External Reports and Investigations.

Needs Assessments

Read our needs assessments. 

Environment and Sustainability

Key publications on our duties in relation to environment and sustainability.