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Stakeholder Reference Group

The Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) provides a forum to facilitate engagement and active debate amongst stakeholders fromacross the communities served by the Health Board, with the aim of reaching and presenting a cohesive and balanced stakeholder perspective to inform the Health Board's decision making.  

The SRG’s role is distinctive from that of Community Health Council (CHC), which has a statutory role in representing the interests of patients and the public in their areas.

Members of SRG shall represent those stakeholders who have an interest in, and whose own role and activities may be impacted by the decisions of the Health Board.  Membership may include community partners, provider organisations, special interest and other groups operating within Powys. It does not cover those stakeholders whose interests are represented within the remit of other Advisory Groups established by the Board, e.g., the Healthcare Professionals’ Forum and Local Partnership Forum.