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Age 55 to 59

Last updated 9 April 2021

People aged 55-59 are Priority Group 8.
If you are aged 55-59 and have not received your invitation then please let us know so that we can fast-track you to an appointment. 

People aged 55 to 59 are priority group 8 in the national priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination from the UK's independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

First Dose Appointments

In line with the national COVID-19 vaccination strategy we offered vaccination to everyone in Priority Groups 1 to 4 by mid February.

From mid February through to the middle of April we are offering vaccination to everyone in priority groups 5 to 9.

If you are aged 55-59 you should have received your invitation by now. If not, you can complete our Priority Access Form below so that we can fast-track you to an appointment.

Second Dose Appointments

Information about second dose appointments is available from our second dose appointments page.

Further Information

More information about COVID-19 vaccination in Powys is available from our COVID-19 vaccination page.

Information about how we store and process your information is available from our Privacy page.

Please note that national factors such as vaccine approval & availability, and changes to national policy & guidance, will impact on the delivery of our COVID-19 vaccination programme in Powys. This does mean that the information on this page is subject to change. Please keep checking back for the latest information.