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Over 80 and unable to attend a Mass Vaccination Centre?

Last updated 27 February 2021

Because of the specific requirements for storage and delivery of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, our vaccination programme is heavily dependent on our Mass Vaccination Centres.

This does mean that we encourage people to take up an appointment at a Mass Vaccination Centre if at all possible.

  • Please do go ahead with an appointment at the Mass Vaccination Centre if you can, as this will be your quickest opportunity to get the vaccine.
  • If travel and transport is difficult for you then please ring our Booking Hub who will be able to provide advice on travel and transport options.
  • If you are over 80 and you are not not able to travel to the mass vaccination centre, then please contact our booking centre to let them know. They will be able to cancel your appointment at our mass vaccination centres. You will be contacted at a later date to arrange an appointment via your GP practice (including to discuss arrangements if you are clinically housebound). Rest assured that even if you are unable to contact the booking centre to cancel your appointment, you will still be re-contacted. We do kindly ask you to be patient and wait to be contacted.
  • You can also use the form below if you have not been able to attend your appointment at short notice - for example due to travel disruption.
  • Your mass vaccination centre appointment will be your quickest opportunity to get the vaccine, so we would encourage you to go ahead if you can.  It may not be possible to offer you a vaccination via your GP practice unless you have exceptional reasons - for example, you are over 80 or you are referred back to your GP for clinical reasons.

Travelling for COVID-19 vaccination is classified as ESSENTIAL TRAVEL.

We are very grateful for the amazing support of local community transport organisations, community members, families, neighbours and friends who are supporting people to attend their COVID-19 vaccination.

We are also incredibly grateful to everyone for their patience and support whilst our team works hard to put in place the largest vaccination programme the country has seen.


You can use the form below if you are 80 + and need to rearrange or cancel your appointment at a mass vaccination centre OR if you cannot attend a mass vaccination centre for clinical reasons (e.g. housebound, unable to travel due to clinical vulnerability) OR if you need to let us know that you cannot attend at short notice. You can find out how we process and store your data in the Privacy section of our website.