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COVID-19 Vaccination Newsletter 30 March 2021 (html version)

Please note that this newsletter reflects the current position as at 30 March 2021. Planning and delivery of COVID-19 vaccination is subject to considerable change due to many different factors outside of our control. Please check our website for the latest information.

Dear Colleagues

Later this week we will reach the milestone of 100,000 vaccine doses delivered in the county. Over 23,000 doses have been delivered in the last fortnight at a time when we have seen a peak in supplies. We do expect a drop in UK vaccine supplies during April, but please be assured that second dose appointments are not affected.

With Easter nearly upon us, our bulletin is shorter than usual this week to focus on the key headlines and next steps:

  • This means that we are on schedule to offer everyone in Priority Groups 1 to 9 an appointment by the middle of April. This is Milestone 2 in the national vaccination strategy.
  • UK supplies will reduce during April. This is outside our local control. It will mean that the pace of first dose appointments will fall from their current peak, before they rise again later in the spring when supplies increase once more. Peaks and troughs in supply are very much expected as part of such a major vaccination programme. And, we remain on schedule to offer vaccination to everyone aged 18 and over by the end of July. This is Milestone 3 in the national vaccination strategy.
  • Second dose appointments are not affected by the change in supplies. You should still expect an invitation for an appointment 11-12 weeks after your first dose. Some supplies of Pfizer/BioNTech for second dose appointments arrived sooner than we had originally anticipated, which means that some second dose appointments with Pfizer/BioNTech have taken place earlier than 11-12 weeks.
  • Already over 86% of people in Priority Groups 1-9 have received their first dose, and over a quarter have double dose protection. This also means that over 60% of the total adult population in Powys have had their first vaccination. The graph below shows the overall uptake in the county.

COVID-19 vaccination continues to be a team effort by people and communities in Powys. First and foremost it is only possible because so many people are taking up the offer of vaccination. Thank you to everyone who has taken this important step in protecting the people of Powys.

And this week in our “Vaccination Heroes” series we have focused on our health care support workers (HCSWs). Wearing green uniforms, you may well have seen HCSWs on hospital wards, at the GP or in community settings in the past. But during COVID they have played an essential role in the delivery of vaccinations across Powys.

Ann Price has come back from retirement to help during COVID. She said “It is great to be able to give a little social interaction for people who may not have left their homes in the last year.”

Rachel Noble is an HCSW but also a student nurse: “We are all here for one amazing cause and everyone pulls together. It’s a fantastic team to be part of and I feel privileged that we can brighten people’s day a little bit by helping give them the vaccination.”

Eira Meyer is an HCSW from Newtown and she said “It’s exciting being part of the team and I’m really glad to help make it happen.”

Thank you to all our health care support workers – whether in the COVID-19 vaccination programme, or supporting health care delivery across all other parts of the NHS – for the work you do.

It is important to remember that we remain at Alert Level 4 in Wales. Coronavirus continues to circulate. There is good evidence that the vaccine prevents serious illness from COVID-19, but we all need to assume that we can catch the virus and transmit it even if we have had the vaccine.

Hands, Face, Space remain vital messages to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Thank you for everything you are doing to Keep Powys Safe – and please do feel free to share this information in your organisations, networks and communities.

Online Q&A Session with Carol Shillabeer

You are invited to an online event with Carol Shillabeer from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday 7 April 2021. This will provide an opportunity to update you on the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Powys.

How do I join?

You can join the session from most web browsers by clicking on this link.

When do I join?

You are welcome to join just before 5.30pm by clicking on the link above. The meeting will start shortly after 5.30pm to allow people time to join.

How do I participate?

This event will be provided through Microsoft Teams Live Event. It includes a Q&A function which allows you to ask questions. We regret that we may not have time to answer all the questions raised, but hope that the briefing will provide an opportunity to cover the main themes.

I am having trouble joining

The briefing will be recorded so that it is available for people who have trouble joining, or who are not available to join us at 5.30pm.

More information about being an attendee of a Microsoft Teams Live Event is available from the Microsoft website

I cannot attend – will I still be able to watch?

If you cannot attend on the day, you can watch the event at any time using the web link.

Latest Information on COVID-19 Vaccination

You can find all the latest information about COVID-19 vaccination on our website.

Have Your Say on the future of health services

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Job Opportunities

We have lots of great opportunities for people to join our team here at Powys Teaching Health Board:

Please help spread the word about our latest vacancies.

Further Information about COVID-19 vaccination:

More information about our COVID-19 vaccination programme here in Powys is available from the Powys Teaching Health Board website:

More information about the national COVID-19 vaccination programme in Wales is available from the Public Health Wales website:

The latest information about the number of COVID-19 vaccination doses delivered in Wales is available from the Public Health Wales dashboard – please remember that PTHB has the smallest population of all health boards, and is around a third of the size of the next smallest health boards (Cwm Taf Morgannwg, Hywel Dda):

More information about the Welsh Government’s strategy for COVID-19 vaccination: