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Frontline Health and Care Workers

Last updated 2 October 2021

Care home workers are in Priority Group 1 for COVID-19 vaccination. Other frontline health and care workers providing intimate care for people in Priority Groups are in Priority Group 2 for COVID-19 vaccination.

First Dose Appointments

If you have not not received your invitation for COVID-19 vaccination you can attend a drop-in session or use our dedicated form to let us know. You can complete this form for yourself or for someone else you know.

Second Dose Appointments

Second dose appointments are under way. Find out more about second dose appointments from the Second Dose Appointments section of our website

Booster Programme

Our booster programme is under way. Please check our booster programme page for further information.

Further Information

More information about COVID-19 vaccination in Powys is available from our COVID-19 vaccination page.