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Second Dose Appointments

Last updated 15 June 2021

Please wait to be invited for your second dose appointment

In line with national policy, second dose appointments for COVID-19 vaccination are normally taking place around 11 weeks after the first dose appointment. More information about current policy is available from the Public Health Wales website: COVID-19 vaccination information - Public Health Wales (

Please attend your second dose appointment:

  • Second dose appointments are taking place with both Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneca.
  • It is vital that you attend your second dose appointment.
  • Please attend at your booked appointment time wherever possible.
Where will I receive my second dose appointment?

You will normally receive your second dose appointment in the same venue type as your first dose appointment:

  • If your first dose appointment was with your GP practice then they will normally arrange your second dose appointment. Please contact your GP practice for further details.
  • If your first dose appointment was in a mass vaccination centre then your second dose appointment will normally by in a mass vaccination centre. More details about second dose vaccinations are provided below.
  • Some health & care workers who received their first dose vaccination through an outreach scheme (e.g. care home workers) will receive their second dose though a mass vaccination centre.  
I received my first dose appointment at a Mass Vaccination Centre 11 weeks ago and have not yet heard about my second dose appointment. What should I do?
Who is currently being invited for second dose appointments?
  • Second dose appointments began in the county on 17 February 2021.
  • Invitations are currently being sent to people who received their first dose during March and the first days of April.
  • Second dose appointments normally take place 11-12 weeks after first dose appointments, and you will receive an invitation letter shortly before your appointment is due. Please note that some appointments may be earlier due to phasing of vaccine supplies, which is outside our local control. 
  • On 17 May the JCVI published new advice in relation to second dose appointments. In response, Welsh Government has said: "We have considered the latest evidence and advice from the JCVI. Given the low numbers of the Indian variant and the high numbers of people in Wales already vaccinated, we are confident that our vaccination programme already has the flexibility it needs to respond swiftly and effectively and are not making any changes at this stage. The emergence of the Indian variant is a reminder that Covid has not gone away and that it’s really important to take up the offer of vaccination when it is your turn, including getting the second dose when offered.”
What should I do if I cannot attend my second dose appointment (e.g. I am unwell, or have been advised not to attend due to COVID in my workplace)?
  • If you cannot attend at your booked appointment time then let us know as soon as possible (e.g. if you are unwell, or have been advised that you cannot have your second dose just now because of COVID in your workplace).
  • If you let us know that you cannot come, we are normally able to offer your appointment to someone else - if you do not let us know, it is more likely that the dose could be wasted.

What if my second dose appointment is later than 12 weeks (e.g. because I am unwell)
  • If your second dose appointment is later than 12 weeks this won't reduce the long term protection you receive from the vaccine.  
Why is it important that people cancel their appointment if they cannot come?
  • It is vital that no doses of vaccine go to waste.
  • It is particularly important for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine due to need to use the vaccine quickly after bringing it to a usable temperature.
  • We need to make sure we have enough vaccine to give everyone a second dose with the same type of vaccine as their first dose.
I received the AstraZeneca vaccine for my first dose and have questions about my second dose
I attended a mass vaccination centre for my first dose appointment. When will I be contacted for my second dose appointment?
  • Your second dose appointment will normally be around 11 weeks after your first dose appointment but may be slightly sooner.
  • We will contact you nearer the time to arrange your second dose appointment.
  • If you do not receive your invitation you can use our Priority Access Form to let us know.
I attended a GP practice for my first dose appointment.
  • If you attended a GP practice for your first dose appointment, please check with your GP practice for details about second appointments.

I have moved to Powys since my first dose - how do I access a second dose?
  • Please use our Priority Access Form to let us know.
  • Please note that we are only able to provide vaccination with AstraZeneca and Pfizer. If your first vaccination was with a different vaccine then please contact the organisation that provided your first dose.

**There may be a very small number of clinical exceptions where someone may be offered a Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for their first dose but this will only be in exceptional circumstances and where an assessment has been made that there is sufficient vaccine available to also offer the second dose.