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Visiting Arrangements

Update on Visiting Arrangements in Powys Teaching Health Board (last updated 10 May 2022)

We know it is important for you to visit your loved ones. Currently, one visitor (a family member or friend) is permitted to visit, subject to a risk assessment. Details are outlined below.

We ask that visitors work with us to maintain the safety of our patients and that they respect the measures that we ask of them to follow. At any time, visiting may be amended or cancelled to maintain safety.

Visiting rules may change at short notice due to COVID-19 transmission rates, hospital COVID-19 admission numbers and any outbreaks that may be experienced in the hospital. As you will be aware these can change rapidly hence it is important that you check with the ward / department before visiting. These steps are in place to prevent infections and to make visiting as safe as possible.

All visiting will be by appointment only and all visitors will require an individual risk assessment to be completed both in advance of and on arrival of an agreed visit for both exceptional and general visiting arrangements, in order to keep patients, staff and visitors safe. 

General visiting arrangements

  • Virtual Visiting is available and can be arranged on request with the ward
  • All visitors will be required to take a lateral flow test prior to arrival and will be asked a number of normal screening questions regarding recent symptoms possible expose to COVID-19
  • Visitors are not permitted in areas whereby there are suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 (except in exceptional circumstances outlined above)
  • Please check with the Ward / Department for visiting availability and times
  • Visiting remains restricted people visiting with a clear purpose limited to 1 identified visitor per patient (except in exceptional circumstances outlined above as agreed with the Nurse in Charge)
  • Visiting is limited to 1 hour (except in exceptional circumstances outlined above as agreed with the Nurse in Charge) at the discretion of the Ward Manager and some visits may need to be cut short or cancelled
  • Visits will be by appointment with the Ward / Department directly and adhere to approved safe numbers for each specific area

Exceptional circumstances for inpatient visiting

  • Patient receiving end-of-life care in the last days of life
  • A familiar carer/parent or guardian/supporter/personal assistant to assist in care provision as agreed with ward/department
  • Patients may be accompanied where appropriate and it is necessary to assist their communication and/or to meet their health, emotional, religious or spiritual care needs as agreed with ward/department

All visitors will be asked:

  • To take a lateral flow test prior to arrival and will be asked a number of normal screening questions regarding recent symptoms possible expose to COVID-19
  • Not to visit if displaying symptoms of coronavirus (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss of, or change in, normal sense of smell or taste) even if these symptoms are mild or intermittent
  • Not visit if they have received confirmation of a COVID positive test and are in a period of isolation
  • Not visit if they are in a period of isolation
  • To book a visiting appointment with the ward directly
  • To perform good hand hygiene (handwashing) to reduce risks to themselves, other visitors, patients and staff and will be prompted to do so on arrival
  • To wear a water repellent face mask at all times while in hospital premises, these will be available on entry to the Health Board premises
  • To maintain the 2 metre social distance rule
  • To adhere to visiting appointment time (do not arrive earlier than allocated time)
  • Once admitted to the ward, to follow instructions and go direct to the person who is being visited
  • Please seek advice from the Ward Manager regarding personal items
  • Follow visiting guidance at all times


Maternity services:

Following COVID19 risk assessments in line with Welsh Government guidance, we are now pleased to relax our guidance on partners attending antenatal appointments.

From 9th May 2022, one person will be able to accompany the person having their antenatal clinic appointment or Maternity scan. We will ask the accompanying person to wait outside of the unit until called in to be seen. This is due to limited space within the Birth Centre or Maternity Clinical areas as the guidance for social distancing remains in place.

All partners/visitors to the Maternity Birth Centre’s and Clinical areas must wear a face covering whilst within the hospital building, unless unable to do so due to a medical exemption. We would also ask that if any partners test positive for COVID-19 or are showing symptoms, they must not attend the appointment.

We continue to support a birth companion for women giving birth in Powys Birth Centres. For situations where Women may have reason to bring children to an appointment, please contact Named Midwife to discuss circumstances. For Women giving birth in neighbouring District General Hospitals, please discuss the relevant visiting guidance for the relevant hospitals with your named Midwife



Scheduled appointments (e.g. outpatients): We recognise that there may be exceptional circumstances where it is necessary for a visitor to accompany a patient or service user to a scheduled appointment. For example: to accompany people with cognitive impairments; where a visitor can provide support if the treatment is likely to cause distress; or, where a person with a learning disability, mental health issues, dementia, or autism would be distressed if they were not accompanied. Please talk to the health care team about the arrangements in place for scheduled appointments, and to discuss your specific needs and circumstances.


This guidance is being kept under review and will change as the pandemic status alters.


Our local visiting arrangements reflect the latest national guidance published by Welsh Government. The full guidance can be found at