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Visiting Arrangements

Update on Visiting Arrangements in Powys Teaching Health Board (last updated 1 August 2021)

We want to ensure the health and safety of patients, service users, visitors and staff. This includes our hospital visiting arrangements in Powys:

  • our first priority is the prevention and control of infection in healthcare settings
  • we need to continue restricting the number of visitors to comply with social distancing measures
  • virtual visiting is encouraged and supported where possible
  • face-to-face visiting needs to be agreed in advance, and outdoor visits may be offered if appropriate
  • visiting should be with a clear purpose
  • agreement for visiting is based on the best interests of the patient/service user or the well-being of the visitor


Visiting patients in hospital: We recognise that visiting is important to support the well-being of patients, service users and families. Please talk to the nurse in charge about the arrangements in place on the ward, and to discuss your specific needs and circumstances.


Maternity services: We recognise the benefits of partners being present during labour and birth, and for appointments such as ultrasound scans.
Essential support partners are able to attend for dating and detailed abnormality scans held in Powys Day Assessment services (supported by COVID19 environmental risk assessments). Support in early labour, Birth Centre Labour and Post delivery care is welcomed in line with Welsh Government Visiting guidance.
Please talk to your midwife about your specific needs and circumstances.
Decisions on visiting in maternity services will be made based on 
Welsh Government guidance on hospital visiting during the coronavirus outbreak


Scheduled appointments (e.g. outpatients): We recognise that there may be exceptional circumstances where it is necessary for a visitor to accompany a patient or service user to a scheduled appointment. For example: to accompany people with cognitive impairments; where a visitor can provide support if the treatment is likely to cause distress; or, where a person with a learning disability, mental health issues, dementia, or autism would be distressed if they were not accompanied. Please talk to the health care team about the arrangements in place for scheduled appointments, and to discuss your specific needs and circumstances.


This guidance is being kept under review and will change as the pandemic status alters.


Our local visiting arrangements reflect the latest national guidance published by Welsh Government in November 2020. The full guidance can be found at