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70 or over and not received your vaccination invitation?

Powys Teaching Health Board is asking anyone registered with a Powys GP aged 70 or over who has not yet received their invitation for COVID-19 vaccination to get in touch so that they can receive their vaccination this week if possible.

The Health Board aims to offer everyone aged 70 or over their COVID-19 vaccination by the middle of February. So, if you have not yet received your invitation then you can use the form below to let us know so that we can invite you to an appointment.

Please note that some people may not be able to have the vaccine right now for clinical reasons - for example, if they have recently had a COVID-19 infection.

If you are a Powys resident but registered with a GP based outside Powys in a neighbouring county (e.g. Shropshire, Herefordshire, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire) then you will be invited for vaccination through the programme in the neighbouring county.