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COVID-19 vaccinations for household contacts of immunosuppressed adults

Row of Covid vaccinations 

Priority COVID-19 vaccination is now available for household contacts of adults who are immunosuppressed for vaccination.

Updated 10 August 2021

If you are aged 16 or over and a household contact of a severely immunosuppressed person (, please complete the self referral form on the NHS website.

You can also complete the form if you are the parent or guardian of someone aged 12-15 who is a household contact of a severely immunosuppressed person.

People who are immunosuppressed have a weaker immune system. They are more likely to have poorer outcomes if they get infected with COVID-19. Vaccinating household contacts will help limit the spread of the virus.

JCVI do not currently advise vaccinating children who are household contacts. They also do not currently advise vaccinating household contacts of immunosuppressed children.