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Keeping Well While You Wait

If you are currently waiting for surgery or treatment, preparing effectively and learning how to manage your symptoms can make a significant difference to your treatment outcome and recovery.

The Advice and Support pages contain information and support on how you can do this.

This will help you to take control and be involved in your care.


Why is it important to prepare?

Preparing will help you to: 

  • have a better response to your future treatment and quicker recovery
  • improve your energy levels, reducing tiredness and improving your sleep pattern
  • maintain your independence and do more of your normal day to day activities
  • improve your general fitness and sense of wellbeing and promote long term healthy lifestyle

Please note that this information resource is a guide, and should not be used to replace any individual advice you may have received from a healthcare professional. 

If you have concerns about your condition, please contact your healthcare practitioner or GP.  

Dial 999 for life-threatening emergencies.