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Information for Healthcare Professionals

The Service

Powys Teaching Health Board's Pain and Fatigue service started running residential pain management programmes in 1994 and since then we have added a variety of additional ways that people can access services as well as offering a triage service for people for whom onward referral to more interventional approaches may be appropriate.
We have embraced new technologies and offer one to one consultations and group sessions via video conferencing although we continue to hope to continue to run community based groups throughout Powys from Machynlleth and Welshpool down to Ystradgynlais once the current COVID situation has died down. A summary of the current interventions we offer can be found below.


Shared Decision Making

We operate a policy of shared decision making in everything we do at the service. When someone is referred to the service they are given information about all of the options available to them. We aim to provide a wide variety of ways to access the information and support so that people can choose the one which best fits with their goals and lifestyle.
During initial consultations we use collaborative agenda setting and shared decision making approaches with the aim of helping people make the choices that are suitable for them and to give them the confidence to take an active role in the management of their condition.


Current Options Available Throughout Powys:


For most people referred to the service, a consultation to discuss the options available to them will be the first step. Consultations are available face to face, over the telephone and via Skype. Due to the complex nature of persistent pain and fatigue all consultations include a discussion pf physical, psychological and social issues which may be having an effect on the presenting problem. It is always helpful if referrers have made people aware of this in advance.


The workbook is a convenient option for people who are already functioning fairly well and just want to improve their pain management knowledge. Although the book covers persistent pain specifically many tools and techniques which are contained in the book are equally suited to people experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Invest in Your Health

The Invest in Your Health programme consists of 5 modules. Each module is led by one of our Health and Wellbeing facilitators. Everyone starts with the Building Better Health module but after that participants are able to choose the modules which are most appropriate for them. Other modules include: Healthy Activity, Managing Mood and Communication skills. All sessions include elements of Mindfulness training and Positive Psychology.   

Living Well with Pain and Fatigue

The Living Well with Pain and Fatigue programme consists of 8 modules specifically focused on managing pain and fatigue. They are run online and participants are asked to watch a series of online videos before each session. While we encourage participants to attend all sessions people may choose to only attend the modules that are of immediate interest to them. 

Residential Programme

An intensive two weeks during which participants spend the morning learning how to manage pain and fatigue in a classroom setting and then have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in a community setting during the afternoon. The afternoons cover common day to day scenarios as well as providing opportunities to try out new hobbies and activities which will support people to manage their condition successfully. The programme is run in a non-hospital setting.

A study which followed up participants 5 years after completing the Bronllys programme demonstrated that in most cases physical, psychological and social progress had been maintained.