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How do I complete My Life, My Wishes Advance Care Plan?

My Life, My Wishes is an Advance Care Plan (ACP) or Advance Statement of Wishes.

It has been designed for use by adults (18+) who have mental capacity (the ability to make their own decisions).

Completing it is a voluntary process that can help you record your wishes about how you would like to be cared for in the future. This information can be very helpful for your loved ones and for health & care professionals involved in your care and treatment. You do not need to be unwell to complete it.

The information in this document will only be considered if you cannot communicate your wishes.  It will be helpful if those close to you know about this document, and where it is kept. 

This is your document – health and care professionals may take copies if you wish, but this document needs to stay with you. If you are happy to share this document with your health and care professionals, please make sure you read the information and sign on page 9 of the ACP document.

You can complete this document by yourself, with a person close to you or with a health or care professional. It can be changed at any time and is not a legally binding document. You do not need to complete the whole document and can revisit any section, if required.

If you have clear opinions about treatments or interventions that you would not want, you can formalise these wishes by completing a legally binding Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT). For further information please see the information guidance booklet

We recommend:

It is a good idea to review your wishes regularly and let your health and care professionals know of any updates that you make.

Please sign and date any additions or changes on page 13 - 15 of the ACP document (as well as signing and dating on page 9 on first completing your ACP).

If you need help to complete this document see the My Life, My Wishes Guidance booklet, or contact your GP surgery or health and care professional involved in your care, or contact