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Board Members




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Carl Cooper

Chief Executive

Hayley Thomas

Executive Directors

Executive Director of Finance, Capital and Support Services and Deputy Chief Executive

Pete Hopgood

Executive Director of Nursing, Quality, Women and Family Health

Claire Roche

Executive Medical Director

Kate Wright
Interim Executive Director of Operations/Director of Community & Mental Health Joy Garfitt
Interim Executive Director of Planning, Performance & Commissioning Stephen Powell

Executive Director of Public Health

Mererid Bowley

Executive Director of Allied Health Professions, Health Sciences and Digital

Claire Madsen

Executive Director of People and Culture

Debra Wood-Lawson

Director of Corporate Governance / Board Secretary

Helen Bushell
Independent Members
Vice Chair Kirsty Williams 
Independent Member Dr Rhobert Lewis
Independent Member (Third Sector) Jennifer Owen-Adams
Independent Member (Local Authority) Cllr Chris Walsh
Independent Member Mick Giannasi
Independent Member (University) Simon Wright
Independent Member (ICT) Ian Phillips
Independent Member  Ronnie Alexander
Independent Member (Finance) Steve Elliot
Independent Member (Trade Union) Cathie Poynton