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Local Partnership Forum

The Local Partnership Forum (LPF) is an Advisory Group of the Board.

The role of the Local Partnership Forum (LPF) is to provide a formal mechanism where the Health Board, as employer, and trade unions and professional bodies representing employees work together to improve health services for its citizens. This is achieved through a regular and timely process of consultation, negotiation and communication.

The LPF is the forum where PTHB and staff organisations will engage with each other to inform, debate and seek to agree local priorities on workforce and health service issues; and inform thinking around national priorities on health matters.

The PTHB Board may specifically request advice and feedback from the LPF on any aspect of its business, and the LPF may also offer advice and feedback even if not specifically requested by the Board.

Meetings of the Local Partnership Forum

Calendar of meetings of the Local Partnership Forum

Local Partnership Forum Key Documents