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COVID-19 Vaccination Newsletter 24 December 2021 (html version)

Dear Colleagues

Well, our last edition shows how quickly things can change.

Within hours of sending out our stakeholder bulletin on 12 December, the UK Prime Minister announced plans to offer every eligible adult a booster by the end of December. This target was also confirmed for Wales by the First Minister the following day.

This means it has been a very busy two weeks for our teams and everyone who supports us. Here in the vaccination programme we are so grateful to everyone who has come out to help the booster efforts as we add extra vaccination days, and even more vaccination lanes. so that we can boost as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

The teams now have a well-deserved break on Saturday and Sunday, before resuming the programme on Monday.

Our simple message as we head into Christmas is BOOK NOW. We have just added thousands of extra appointments to our online booking system from 27 December to 31 December:

Book a Booster at

The link takes you to an online form where you can check your eligibility, and then click through to the online calendar to choose a slot.

Online booking for booster vaccination from 27 to 31 December is currently available for people who meet all the following criteria:

  • Registered with a Powys GP OR a frontline health & care worker in Powys OR a returning student or member of the armed forces
  • Aged 18 or over
  • Not had COVID in the last 28 days, and not currently ill or self-isolating with COVID symptoms

Online bookings are for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Our online form provides information about what to do if a clinician providing your care has advised you not to have this vaccine.

It is quick and simple to book online, and if you use the online booking system you can also cancel or change your appointment if you are not able to attend.

Text messages have been sent to around 15000 people, and we have paid for a Facebook Adverts to help spread the word. Please do share our social media messages through your own channels to help us reach your networks and communities.

We recognise that some people may not be able to use an online booking system, but you can also use the system to reserve a slot for someone else – or they can call our booking hub on 01874 442510 when it re-opens on 29 December.

Our online booking form helps us to keep a steady flow of people arriving through the day to reduce the likelihood of queues. However please do accept our apologies that there may be queues at times – particularly if staff are unable to attend due to sickness or self-isolation.

We do therefore encourage you to dress for the weather as you may need to queue outside. If you have additional support needs when queuing, please talk to our volunteer wayfinding marshals. We are so grateful for all of the time they have given since the vaccination programme launch last year. If you would like to join the volunteer effort you can visit the Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations website at or email

Please do wear clothes that will enable us to reach your upper arm quickly and with dignity. We have needed to make our vaccination centres more “open plan” to make sure that we can vaccinate even more people. But we do have a curtained pod available at each site. Please do talk to your vaccinator if you need additional privacy.

Thanks to you, Powys continues to have the highest vaccination rates of all health boards in Wales.

The current headlines on 24 December are:

  • 91.4% of adults have taken up their first dose, and 89.4% have completed their primary course (a second dose, or a third dose for those people with severe immunosuppression).
  • 68% of all adults have received their booster. This represents around three quarters of adults who have completed their primary course of vaccination.
  • 85.8% of 16-17 year olds have taken up their first dose, and nearly two thirds have received their second dose.
  • 65.1% of 12-15 year olds have taken up their first dose. Second doses will get under way early in 2022.

Thank you so much to everyone who has given their time to the COVID-19 vaccination programme. You have all contributed in so many ways – by attending for vaccination, helping friends and family to reach our vaccination centres, volunteering your time, spreading the word, working in our centres or behind the scenes, in our partner organisations, or through the wide range of third sector organisations and businesses who have supported the programme, and so much more besides.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

Adrian Osborne
Programme Director (COVID-19 Vaccination and TTP)
Powys Teaching Health Board

First and Second Dose Drop-In Clinics

First dose COVID-19 vaccination remains available for everyone aged 12 and over at our regular drop-in clinics. Second dose COVID-19 vaccination is available on a drop-in basis for anyone aged 18 and over. Drop-in clinics are advertised through our social media channels, and the latest information is also available from our website.

Drop-ins are not currently available for boosters. Boosters are currently by appointment, as this helps us boost more people who are more vulnerable more quickly. But drop-in arrangements can change at short notice (for example, if we have high levels of cancellations for a specific clinic date and location) so do keep checking our website and social media channels for details.

Drop-In Clinics

Latest information on COVID-19 Vaccination in Powys

You can find all the latest information about COVID-19 vaccination on our website.

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More information about the national COVID-19 vaccination programme in Wales is available from the Public Health Wales website:

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