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Weight Management Essentials

Duration: 16 sessions; alternating weekly between 90-minute group sessions and ~20-minute one-to-one clinician phone calls


Weight Management Essentials, led by members of our clinical team, looks at the common myths and misunderstandings about weight, weight loss and weight loss maintenance. It will give insight into why most diets don’t work and provide new information, approaches, skills and techniques to help you make sustainable changes that will improve your health, wellbeing and quality of life as well as your weight. 
These sessions move away from unsustainable dieting approaches, providing a grounding for weight management that works with the body. Across the programme you will get what you need to build your own sustainable weight management approach. 


These sessions cover weight management as a whole. If you require specific detail on nutrition, movement or emotional/comfort eating then you may need to consider some of our other options too.