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Pain Management

The team at the Pain and Fatigue Management Service provide help to people who want to live life more fully but are hindered in doing so by persistent pain or chronic fatigue including post-viral fatigue syndromes such as Post-COVID Syndrome. 

Programmes have been run by the Health Board since 1994 and the multidisciplinary team have a wealth of experience of working with people for whom their health problems effect the physical, psychological and social aspects of their lives. 

The service runs from a variety of locations throughout Powys. Currently, due to the COVID-19 outbreak services are primarily available via video conferencing and telephone although we do offer face to face appointments where appropriate and required. For accessing video conferencing our digital support team can be booked directly by service users, via clinicians and administrative services to support easy access to appointments.

People who access the Pelvic health service can be referred to the Pain and Fatigue Management Service by a clinician in the service or by a General Practitioner. 

To find out more about the service please click on the link below - 

Pain and Fatigue Management Service -