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NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee

The NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC) is a Joint Committee of the seven Health Boards acting collectively on their behalf.  However, individual Health Boards are ultimately accountable to their population and other stakeholders for the provision of the services commissioned by the JCC for the residents in their area.

The JCC was established in response to the findings of an independent review commissioned by Welsh Government into the national commissioning arrangements undertaken by the Emergency Ambulance Services Committee (EASC), the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) and the National Collaborative Commissioning Unit (NCCU). 

From April 01 2024, the JCC replaces EASC and WHSSC and will assume responsibility for the services previously commissioned by these committees and the NCCU, together with the commissioning of NHS 111 Wales services, and the Sexual Assault Referral Centres for Wales.

Further information about the NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee is available from the NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee website