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Public urged to stay hydrated after drought declared across South and Mid Wales

Information from Public Health Wales:

Following the driest five-month period in more than 40 years, Natural Resources Wales have extended the drought warning announced earlier this month for Pembrokeshire and parts of Carmarthenshire, to cover all of South and Mid Wales (including most of Powys).

While this may sound worrying, there are currently no concerns about drinking water supply and Public Health Wales is keen to reassure people that they can continue to drink water and wash, as well as use water more generally for cooking and cleaning as usual.

Dr Sarah Jones, Consultant in Environmental Public Health said:

“Following this announcement from Natural Resources Wales we’d like to reassure people that they can continue drink water just as they normally would. As we all know, it’s also really important to wash your hands regularly and this announcement doesn’t change that. Nor does it mean that you can’t shower or use water for cooking. But, we can all help; you can turn taps off when they are not needed, including when brushing your teeth, you can shower instead of taking a bath and you can make sure that any leaks at home are fixed.”

For further information about the areas affected by this announcement please visit the Natural Resources Wales website here.

For further advice on how to save water at home please visit Dwr Cymru’s website here.

Published 26/08/22