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Deadline soon for health and wellbeing grant scheme

Funding for projects which contribute to Powys people’s health and wellbeing is available via the Small Health Grants Scheme but the closing date for applications is rapidly approaching.

Community groups – and communities of interest – have until Monday May 13th to apply for funding from the scheme, which is funded by the Powys Health Charity and is being administered by PAVO (The Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations.)

The aim of the Small Health Grants to Promote Health and Wellbeing is to provide funding for organisations that wish to provide activities that contribute to one or more of the following priorities, by improving health and wellbeing:

  • Cost of living - health and wellbeing interventions
  • Transport to wellbeing - journeys that enable attendance at social activities that contribute to an improvement in wellbeing
  • Wellbeing at home - supporting independent living
  • Loneliness and isolation - health and wellbeing interventions    

Abe Sampson is the Charity Manager of the Powys Health Charity, which is the Charitable Trust of Powys Teaching Health Board. He explained: “This year we’ve changed the scheme so that people can apply for up to three years’ worth of funding.   We hope this will help groups to plan further ahead and support their long-term sustainability. .”

He explained that the maximum grant available is £2,500 per annum ( up to £7,500 over a three year period).

“In the past we’ve funded things like after school and sports clubs, , local festivals, and creative arts organisations but we are open to all innovative ideas which improve people’s health and wellbeing and you can see our funding criteria on the PAVO website.” (

The scheme is being administered by PAVO. Clair Swales, Chief Executive of PAVO said: "PAVO is delighted that organisations can apply for up to three years funding, as we are well aware of the issues connected to short term funding and the need for sustainability.  The grant scheme offers a valuable opportunity for organisations to provide activities that will benefit people's health and wellbeing."