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EMRTS Service Review January 2024 Update

Air Ambulance and pilot

The NHS Wales Emergency Ambulance Services Committee has published the following update on the development of the NHS Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS Cymru) and Wales Air Ambulance Charity:

Dear Stakeholder,

I hope this update finds you well after the festive season and my good wishes for the New Year.

In my last update just before Christmas, I confirmed that it was agreed at the Emergency Ambulance Services Committee (EASC) meeting on 21 December 2023 that there would be a further stage of engagement for the EMRTS Service Review. At the meeting, Committee Members agreed that this third and final stage of engagement would give public and stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the shortlisted options of how to improve the air ambulance service.

This Phase 3 engagement builds on the previous two engagement phases that have been undertaken in 2023 and does not disregard any of your feedback you have provided in the previous phases. Indeed, it is this feedback that has helped inform the considerations within the options appraisal process. Since December’s Committee meeting, the options appraisal has taken place with Health Board colleagues representing a broad range of disciplines that includes clinical and medical.

The options appraisal used the evaluation framework (that was developed in the earlier engagement phases) assessing options against these factors:

 • Health Gain

• Equity

• Clinical Skills and Sustainability

• Value for Money

• Affordability

The shortlisted options will be detailed in the Phase 3 engagement materials and describe the benefits and drawbacks for each option, as well as costs. Phase 3 engagement will be taking place between 01-29 February 2024. As in the previous phases, the engagement materials will be published on the EASC website. You will be able to provide your feedback online, by post, and by phone however there is not a planned timetable of public meetings with my team and me in Phase 3. All Health Boards in Wales will also be sharing engagement information during February so please check your respective Health Board website nearer the time for details about their localised engagement activity.

You could also contact your local Llais representative throughout February to let them know your views on the shortlisted options. Your Llais regional representative details can be found here and more information about Llais here. Each Health Board will also be considering the shortlisted options throughout February and providing their feedback to me. After the engagement window closes on 29 February 2024, I will consider all feedback before taking a recommended option to the Committee for their decision in March. Thank you, as always, for your continued interest in the EMRTS Service Review and I hope that you will participate in Phase 3 on the shortlisted options next month. Please let my team know if you would like to be removed from this list at any time. Best regards, Stephen Harrhy Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner

Best regards,

Stephen Harrhy

Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner


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