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First pathfinder COVID-19 vaccination appointments for over 80s taking place next week

A sign that reads Powys

The first phase of the county’s COVID-19 vaccination programme has understandably focused on health and care employees due to the very specific requirements for temperature control, handling, storage and use of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Next week will see the first pathfinder appointments for a small number of people aged 80 and over in Powys. These will be on an invitation-basis only.

These pathfinder appointments will help us to ensure that our systems are ready for our wider public vaccination programme, which will begin early in the New Year. When our public vaccination programme is launched in the New Year, members of the public will be contacted directly to invite them for vaccination, beginning with people aged 80 and over.

In the meantime, we do ask everyone not to contact their GP, pharmacist or health board to request an appointment.