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Happy Birthday NHS - 5 July 2020

On Sunday 5th July, the NHS will be celebrating its anniversary – and what better occasion to give thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last few months?

The nation will be coming together at 5pm in a huge show of appreciation for everyone who has kept the UK going.  It’s a moment to raise a glass (or cup of tea) for our NHS staff, your local volunteers, vital keyworkers or someone who has just been there for you.

We want this to be the biggest thank you ever!

And after we’ve clapped, cheered and woo-hoo’d, make a plan to stick around for a little bit longer – to spend some time with your friends and neighbours (at a safe distance, of course).

We have also created a set of colouring sheets and certificates to help you mark the day. You can download these below, and there's also a video of one of our communication team colouring it in - so that you can show us that you can do better!