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Health Board asks Powys employers to support staff to get the COVID vaccine

Row of Covid vaccinations 

This week has seen unprecedented numbers of people receive their COVID vaccines in Powys. Following on from 12 months of ever-increasing capacity and delivery, the health board is trying to get every single eligible person in Powys their vaccinations by the New Year.

To help with this we are asking employers across the county to help out by encouraging their staff to take up the vaccine and supporting them with time out of the working day if necessary to attend a vaccine centre.

Encouraging them to get vaccinated is in your interest as well as theirs, and allowing your staff a little time out to get the vaccine may mean saving days of time compared to time off work sick.

We have put on additional vaccination clinics and are now running seven days a week, and people can book their own appointments online via our website here.

Vaccines are our best defence against Covid-19. They are the best way to protect yourself and those around you from the virus. Join the millions already vaccinated.

It’s the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history and has already saved thousands of lives.

Vaccinated people are far less likely to get symptoms from Covid-19. They are even more unlikely to get seriously ill, be admitted to hospital or die from it. There’s growing evidence that vaccinated people are also less likely to pass the virus to others.