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Hospital staff thank League of Friends at Welshpool

Staff at Welshpool’s Victoria Memorial Hospital have expressed their thanks to the local League of Friends after their major investment in facilities there.

In recent months, the League of Friends has paid for:

  • An electronic canopy which now covers an outside area by the palliative care suite, making it a weatherproof area where patients, family members and staff can relax in the fresh air;
  • Garden furniture for this covered area;
  • Equipment to kit out a family room within the palliative care suite;
  • Changing facilities, including showers, for hospital staff.
  • A  Christmas tree and decorations to replace those lost to flood water.
  • And, as every year, Christmas presents for all the patients.  

 Ward Manager Donna Jarman praised the work of the League of Friends: “We can’t thank them enough for the amazing facilities that they have given to the patients, staff and visitors here.  They have really made a difference in the environment we can offer to the people who use our hospital and my colleagues have now got much better facilities to help them look after our patients.”

The League of Friends is an unpaid group of volunteers which raises money for hospital facilities and equipment. Cllr. Estelle Bleivas is the Chair of the Welshpool League of Friends. Describing the new covered area, she said: “It was great to be able to help and it’s really gratifying to see that the palliative patients, staff and visitors could come outside the building and take in the fresh air under this new covered area.”

Frances Grassi is the Secretary of the League of Friends. She also renovated the garden and included a wildflower area near the new covered area at the hospital. She added: “The League of Friends really feel that it is important for us to show where the money we receive is spent. In fact 99 per cent of our donations are from former patients of Welshpool; often in the form of a legacy.”

Mrs Grassi added that the Welshpool hospital’s League of Friends is also looking for new members as well as volunteers to help tend the garden at the hospital.

She said: “The patients and visitors are able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden, which really promotes their emotional wellbeing at what can be a difficult time. So, if there are any enthusiastic volunteers out there who’d be able to spare a little bit of their time to help our team, we’d be delighted to have them on board.”

Welshpool Hospital’s League of Friends can be contacted via or by calling Frances on 01938 553723.


Photo: League of Friends Chair Estelle Bleivas (left) is pictured with Powys Teaching Health Board’s Ward Manager Donna Jarman and League of Friends Secretary Frances Grassi.