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Latest video message from Carol Shillabeer on COVID-19 vaccination

In her latest video message, our Chief Executive Carol Shillabeer shares an update on progress and next steps for COVID-19 vaccination in Powys.

I'm delighted to be sharing with you an update on our vaccination programme.

A little over nine weeks ago we started the programme here in Powys. We started with huge enthusiasm to try to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible

In particular it was important that we vaccinated those people who were most vulnerable and who had been outlined by the Government as being in the priority groups 1 to 4.

The key milestone of achieving an offer to everyone in those cohorts by the middle of February was set at the beginning of January.

And today as we reach the middle of February I am delighted that we have indeed achieved that milestone. And I can also share that we have very nearly 90% coverage of that population.

So 90% of the people in those cohorts have taken up that offer of a vaccination so far, and that is a tremendous achievement.

What's more, the total number of vaccines delivered has reached the 40,000 milestone here in Powys, and that is roughly 30% of the population having had the their first dose.

Of course there is a second dose to come. But, this achievement will help to show that we are able to deliver such a massive programme at very quick pace, and at scale right across Powys, and this is being delivered really successfully.

Even though we have the challenges of geography, of the winter, of snow, this has been a tremendous achievement.

I just want to thank everyone who has been part of delivering these vaccines. Whether you have been at the frontline carrying out the injections. Or whether you have been part of the huge and magnificent array of support that has been put in place to make this happen

I want to mention in particular:

  • Powys Teaching Health Board staff, primary care staff - the GPs right the way across Powys and their teams
  • The voluntary sector - a huge amount of volunteers have come and stood out in cold, dark, wet weather to support the community and to support this effort
  • The military who have been working with us
  • The Powys County Council colleagues - both in telephony but right across a range of roles who have been working with us
  • The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society and Freedom Leisure who have helped us with venues
  • As well as Welsh Government who have made sure we have a good supply of vaccine

And of course I want to thank the public. Because the public and our communities have again been tremendous in coming forward for the vaccine and sharing with us their absolute joy at receiving that little bit more protection from this virus.

I have been humbled by the efforts, by the messages of support, and by people going above and beyond to help collectively make this happen.

I am extremely grateful to everyone's efforts and I want to think you sincerely on behalf of myself and the Board for everything that you have been doing.

We look forward to moving on to the next cohort, and making sure that everyone in the first cohorts has had their second vaccine.

And for those of you who are yet to have your first, that offer is still there and we will be in touch.

Thank you.

More information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme and next steps is available from our COVID-19 vaccination pages.