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The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme in Powys has made amazing progress.

Over 103,000 people have already had their first dose - that's over 90% of the adult population.

And this week we reached the milestone of 60,000 second doses, which means that over half the adult population has double dose protection.

But this does begin to present some challenges for arranging the remaining first dose appointments:

  • most people still coming forward for vaccination are under 40
  • in line with UK clinical guidance we offer an alternative to the AZ vaccine to people under 40 who do not have underlying health conditions - in Powys we offer the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine
  • the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has very stringent requirements for storage and transport, and this does put some restrictions on how and where we can arrange clinics
  • specifically, it means that we need to build up a list of people needing a first dose so that we can arrange a large clinic at a mass vaccination centre
  • and, we want to make sure we leave no one behind, so our team is busy trying to track down people we haven't yet been able to reach - so that we can book as many people as possible into our remaining clinics 

So we thank everyone for your patience whilst our list builds up to arrange the next clinic.

We currently expect to receive our next first dose Pfizer trays in early July for clinics in Bronllys & Newtown from 6 July, and from 14 July in Builth Wells.

Make sure we can book you in by filling in our Priority Access Form.

If you are 18 and over and registered with a Powys GP (or you are temporarily resident in the county, or not registered with a GP) then please do complete our Priority Access Form. We will contact you as soon as new clinics are arranged. Please do make sure that we have your full correct details including a telephone number and email address wherever possible

You can complete our Priority Access Form here