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North Powys programme sets out 'integrated model of care and wellbeing'

A vision for health and wellbeing has been published by the North Powys Wellbeing Programme after listening to residents’ views.

The programme’s Integrated Model of Care and Wellbeing sets out a vision of how health and care services in the north of the county can be transformed.

The document (viewable at was created after taking on residents and partners views, collected through wide-ranging ‘listening’ sessions in 2019.

The programme is being delivered jointly by Powys Teaching Health Board and Powys County Council and will involve the two organisations working in partnership with local communities and partner organisations to develop new ways of delivering services.

Carol Shillabeer is Chief Executive at the health board. She commented: “The North Powys programme is an opportunity for us to help transform how services are offered in this part of the county - by working with others in new and exciting ways we can do our bit to help improve people’s health and wellbeing, work smarter and where possible deliver more care, close to people’s homes.”

Councillor Myfanwy Alexander is Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care with the council. She added: ‘We’re committed to drive change forward, providing the services people need in a seamless manner. By working together with our partners in the Health Board and brokering perhaps more unexpected well-being projects with Open Newtown or Oriel Davies, I believe we can bring real improvement to the lives of residents in the area.’

The listening exercises asked residents what factors they considered important for keeping them safe and well in their homes or in their community, in their district or region and outside the county.

The model addresses those responses, setting out what the programme team understands is important to local people in terms of:

  • Focussing on wellbeing;
  • Early help and support;
  • Tackling the big four – Circulatory disease, respiratory disease, cancer and mental health problems;
  • Fully integrated joined up care.

It also contrasts how Powys residents’ care and support is typically delivered now and how this could be delivered in 2027 and beyond. The case studies are fictional but based on typical current experiences.

This piece of work will now be followed by further engagement and development as the programme team pull together a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) for the whole programme and further information about this will be issued in the coming months.

The SOC will look at how a campus in the centre of Newtown can be developed to include health and care, education, supported housing and community wellbeing facilities. However this hub would work to complement health and care services available in other towns across the north of Powys.

More information about the programme can be found at