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PCR testing for clinically vulnerable people

Booking a PCR test remains essential for clinically vulnerable people, explains Stuart Bourne, Director of Public Health.  

Following the Welsh Government’s announcement that you no longer need to book a follow-up PCR test following a positive lateral flow test, Powys teaching Health Board Director of Public Health, Stuart Bourne, would like to remind everyone that people who are clinically vulnerable should continue to access a PCR test if they have a positive lateral flow test, even if they have no symptoms. They should also do so if they have COVID symptoms or have been advised to do so as part of a research or surveillance programme. 

The rest of the community no longer needs to have a follow-up PCR test to confirm the result of a positive lateral flow test if they have no COVID symptoms. 

The latest advice on isolation and testing can be found at  

Everyone is asked to ensure that they receive the COVID vaccinations and boosters appropriate to their age and health condition. Details are available on our website and vaccines continue to be available across Powys. 


Published: 13/01/2022