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Second edition of Knighton and East Radnorshire Community Focus now available - January 2023

The second edition of our Knighton and East Radnorshire Community Focus newsletter is now available from our website. You can download the newsletter here or read it below.

Over the last two years we have been working hard to recruit registered nurses to join the inpatient team at Knighton Hospital. Whilst we have had some interest, sadly this has not reached the levels needed to run a ward 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the meantime, we know that there is a level of local need that we could meet in a different way. So, we are looking at interim steps we can take to provide more care more locally in east Radnorshire.

In our latest update, our Director of Primary & Community Care and Mental Health Services, Hayley Thomas, provides an update on the steps we have been taking so far and some interim solutions we are considering to provide more care close to home:

“In our November bulletin we described the challenges we faced in 2020 when we were all responding to the uncertainties of a new pandemic. At that time, the health board took the decision to amalgamate the inpatient beds from Knighton to Llandrindod Wells hospital on a temporary basis. Whilst the ward was temporarily closed, Knighton Hospital has continued to provide outpatient services, therapies and a midwife-led birth centre, alongside the Cottage View Residential Care Home. The hospital also continues to be a hub for healthcare teams working in people’s homes across East Radnorshire.

“Maintaining safe staffing levels for registered nursing on Panpwnton Ward was already challenging before the pandemic. As we enter 2023, despite ongoing recruitment efforts, we have not been able to recruit to the level needed to re-open the ward.

“Over the last three years the passion of the local community for the ward has been clear. Alongside this we have also heard that there are needs that we could meet in a different way. For example, the current pressures on the health and care system mean that some people are waiting for a package of care to enable them to return home in east Radnorshire. This means that they can be waiting in a district general hospital or in a community hospital elsewhere.

“With the ward currently closed we need to consider other temporary options for providing more care more locally. For example, we can expand on the services we currently provide at Cottage View to offer a step-down facility for people waiting for domiciliary care. This could provide four beds for short-term local care within Knighton Hospital until a supportive package of home care can be put in place. More people would receive more care in their local community, reducing the need for family, friends and carers to travel to district general hospitals or other community hospitals.”

“We are currently looking at options for making this happen as a temporary step to support our wider plans for the winter. And we are absolutely committed to the continued development of services for people in Knighton and East Radnorshire, and continuing to work with you to ensure a bright future for Knighton Hospital. We continue to welcome your feedback including through our online feedback form on our hospital website.”

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Published 24/01/23