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Slipper season tips to avoid trips


As we switch into Winter mode and turn our heating on, we also reach for our comfy slippers to keep our feet warm.  Wearing slippers can help to reduce instances of colds and flu, stop foot pain on indoor surfaces and prevent fungal infections.  

However, it’s worth taking a moment to think about how your slippers fit and how worn they are so that you avoid putting your feet and your health in danger.   

Slippers can be trippers and cause us to injure ourselves if the size and the grip is wrong or if the sole has worn or is loose. Having a well-fitting quality slipper with good tread that offers support for our feet and ankles is worthy of thought for the winter season.    

A new pair of slippers may not be on everyone’s Christmas list but they are often a favourite purchase for family members and in particular for relatives of a certain age.  If you are unsure about the size and type of slipper to buy for a relative, perhaps you can offer to go with them so they can try on some different types. If this isn’t feasible but you do want to give them as a gift it’s worth asking the shop for a gift receipt. This would then allow the person to exchange or get a refund if they don’t feel the slippers are the right fit for them.  


Released: 27/11/2023