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Tree safety works at Bro Ddyfi Community Hospital

A safety and condition survey has been completed of a single beech tree within the car park of Bro Ddyfi Community Hospital, Machynlleth.

The survey was performed by an arboricultural consultant who evaluated the safety and condition of the beech tree along with preliminary heave/subsidence risk assessments.

A tree survey report has been produced for the health board which records:

A single mature beech tree in the grounds of Bro Ddyfi Community Hospital, Machynlleth has been inspected from the ground and by aerial inspection.

Beech tree ‘1001’ is approximately 179 years old, is in good health with defects that may be easily remedied and may be described as a locally notable, non-veteran tree.

A number of structural defects were noted. The following remedial actions should be undertaken within 13 weeks:

a) Secure the primary limbs at 5m S and 8m NNW with non-invasive bracing (such as CobraTM) of a rating sufficient to withstand all anticipated loads and installed according to manufacturer's instructions.

b) Reduce the crown by 15% (by radius), remove deadwood >2.5cm diameter, tertiary limbs with weak unions or those weakened by crossing contact with other limbs and the damaged limb at 13m in the upper central crown.

c) Re-inspect every 18 months - 2 years due to the high occupancy target zone.

The works will be carried out in November 2021 by an approved arboreal specialist as part of the PTHB routine maintenance programme.


Published: 10/11/2021