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Urgent call for people to come forward for COVID testing in Newtown and surrounding areas

Text graphic: COVID cases are rising in Newtown. Get tested now even if you have no symptoms.

Following a sharp rise in COVID cases in Newtown over the past few days Powys Teaching Health Board and Powys County Council are reopening the Asymptomatic Testing Centre at the Park Street Day Centre in Newtown from Saturday 10 July.

The sharp rise in cases in Newtown sees the area with case rates of over 500 per 100,000

COVID symptoms range from extremely serious to those who have no idea that they have the virus. Those with no symptoms may be ‘silent spreaders’; infecting others without realising it.

We ask that as many people as possible come forward for testing. The Park Street centre is able to carry out rapid COVID tests for anyone who does not have any symptoms of COVID. It’s really quick and easy; the test takes just a few minutes and results will be sent by text in half and hour.

The testing centre will be open from 11:30-5:30 seven days a week from Saturday 10 July.

Our team will help you with your test, and will also give you testing kits to take away with you.

It is essential that we all continue to wear face coverings and follow the guidance on social distancing.

You can find more information on testing in Powys here.