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Vaccination Heroes: Health Care Support Workers

In our latest article on vaccination heroes we would like to thank our Health Care Support Workers (HCSWs).

Wearing green uniforms, you may well have seen HCSWs on hospital wards, at the GP or in community settings in the past. But during COVID they have played an essential role in the delivery of vaccinations across Powys.

As well as helping ensure that everything is running smoothly, our HCSWs look after people after they have been vaccinated. Observing people carefully after their vaccine is an essential part of the process to ensure that if anyone has a reaction to the vaccine they are given the care that they need.

Ann Price has come back from retirement to help during COVID. She said “As well as helping ensure people are safe and observed after their vaccination it is great to be able to give a little social interaction for people who may not have left their homes in the last year.”

Rachel Nobel is a Health Care Support worker but also a student nurse. She told me “We are all here for one amazing cause and everyone pulls together. It’s a fantastic team to be part of and I feel privileged that we can brighten people’s day a little bit by helping give them the vaccination.”

Eira Meyer is an HCSW from Newtown and she said “It’s exciting being part of the team and I’m really glad to help make it happen.”

Thank you to you all for the work you do.

More information about COVID-19 vaccination is available from our COVID-19 vaccination pages.