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Vaccination Heroes: Pharmacy Team

In the second week of COVID vaccination in Powys, we are vaccinating a further 975 health and care staff who live in the north of the county.

Delivering thousands of doses of vaccine in such a short time is a huge undertaking and is only possible due to the immense effort of a huge range of people.

In this our second post on Vaccination Heroes, we want to show our appreciation for our medicine’s management team. These are the people you probably won’t see or talk to, but without them there would be no vaccine to be seen in Powys.

Jacqui Seaton, our Chief Pharmacist explains “The whole medicines management team has really pulled together over the last few weeks to put in place such a major vaccination programme. It really does feel like we are making such a difference.”

Emily Guerin, Senior Pharmacy Technician, put together the specialist training package on cold chain management for PTHB colleagues that was essential to working with the current COVID vaccine. She said “This has really expanded our skills, putting together online training packages that reach all our staff across 2,000 square miles of Powys so that we can ensure this first vaccine is managed safely and effectively.”

Adrian Byrne is the Head of Commissioned Services for the Medicines Management Team. He explained “it has been a great opportunity to work together as a team. Often our roles mean we are focusing on different areas and specialties but this week together we are making a big positive change for Powys.


Our thanks go to them and all of the other members of their team who have played such an important part of getting us to where we are this week.