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Your Big Ideas for Powys

We need your help to decide on the big issues that partner organisations in Powys should focus on over the next five years.

Earlier this year we published a Well-being Assessment and a Population Needs Assessment.

What is the Powys Well-being Assessment 2022?

  • The Well-being Assessment describes the different factors that affect our overall well-being in Powys.
  • Publishing a Well-being Assessment is part of our duties under the Well-being of Future Generations Act.
  • You can read the introduction and key findings of our Well-being Assessment 2022 on our Well-being Assessment web page.
  • You can also read the full Well-being Assessment 2022 on our Well-being Assessment web page.

What is the Powys Population Needs Assessment 2022?

  • The Population Assessment describes the existing and future needs for care and support in Powys.
  • Publishing a Population Needs Assessment is part of our duties under the Social Services and Wellbeing Act.
  • You can read our Population Needs Assessment on the Regional Partnership Board website.

We now need to use these findings to develop our Well-being Plan and our Area Plan. These documents will set out how partner organisations in Powys will work together over the next five years to meet the needs of the county. They will be used by the Public Service Board and Regional Partnership Board to make improvements that matter to you.

This is where we need your help.

  • Please take the opportunity to read and reflect on the Powys Well-being Assessment and the Powys Population Needs Assessment.
  • Then, reflecting on what you have read and on your own experiences of living or working in Powys, please answer one simple question:
    “What is your top priority for improving the wellbeing, care and support of people in Powys over the next five years and beyond?”

Complete our survey or ideas map (please register with the site to use the Ideas Map) by 13 November 2022 to share your initial views.

The feedback we hear by 13 November 2022 will help us develop our draft Well-being Plan and Area Plan. There will be lots more opportunities to get involved before the final Well-being Plan and Area Plan are published in the spring.  

Share your big ideas for Powys. Have your say by 13 November 2022: