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Schedule of Antenatal Care

Pregnant woman and partner having ultrasound scan

Below you will find information on your schedule of antenatal care. 

Your antenatal care should start as soon as you know you are pregnant. Ideally you should have made contact with a midwife as soon as possible and at the latest by the 10th week of your pregnancy, although if for any reason you have not managed to do this it is very important that you contact maternity services as soon as possible. In Powys you can make direct contact with a midwife by calling the call centre on 01874 622 443.

Your midwife will make an appointment to see you at the start of your pregnancy this is known as the ‘booking’ appointment. At this appointment you will be asked about your pregnancy and birth choices. Your midwife will ask you about your medical and obstetric history and offer you information on the variety of screening test available to you.

The first visit should allow you plenty of time to ask questions and discuss ideas about your baby’s birth with the midwife.

If you have low risk of complication, your main carer will be your midwife and you will have a choice of where to go for your antenatal care. Most women receive their antenatal at a birth centre or at home.

If you have any complications that might put you or your baby at risk your main carer will be an obstetrician who will share your care with your midwife. You may need to receive your antenatal care at a neighbouring district general hospital (DGH) if this is indicated.

Your midwife will advise this if this is required and talk to you about the appointments.

  • Homebirth
  • Birth Centre
  • Labour Ward

At first your Midwife will advise you of the different options for where you can have your baby, taking into account previous pregnancy history and medical history. If there are no problems, you will be given the choice of having your baby at home or in our Midwifery lead birth centre. If your Midwife thinks you need additional care to have your baby she will recommend you birth in a District General Hospital (DGH), where you will have access to the full range of obstetric anaesthetic and midwifery care.

Below you can watch a tour of the day assessment unit: