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Choose Pharmacy

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Pharmacists are highly qualified health professionals who can give advice and treatment on a range of urgent conditions.

Choosing to visit your local pharmacist for advice means:

  • You don’t have to make an appointment.
  • You can go along at a time that suits you.
  • You can ask to have a consultation with a qualified pharmacist in a confidential area within the pharmacy.

Many pharmacies are open at weekends, which is useful if you start feeling unwell at these times.

If you run out of your prescribed medicines, pharmacies can provide you an emergency supply without the need for you to see your GP.

Many pharmacies may also offer the Common Ailments Service, which allows them to diagnose and treat a range of common ailments, for example head lice. If you register for this service your pharmacist may give you medicines free of charge. Your pharmacy will let you know whether your condition or the type of medicine you require will still require an appointment with a GP or another health care professional.

Choosing Well ensures you get the treatment you need in the shortest possible time, reducing the pressure on essential NHS services.

Bank Holiday Opening Times

Your local pharmacy may be closed on a Bank Holiday. Make sure to check which pharmacies are open and which are not. You can find information on pharmacy opening hours here.

Live on the border with England?

Information about pharmacy services in England is available from the NHS England website.