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Your Local Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHTT)

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Who do CRHTs support?

Here in Powys we have two Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams who provide a rapid response and assessment for people experiencing a mental health crisis at home or in the community.

Our service is aimed at adults between the age of 18 and 65 who are presenting with an acute psychiatric crisis of such severity that without the involvement of the CRHTT, they are at risk of hospital admission to a mental health ward. The CRHTT can also support people over the age of 65 if they are deemed to have a fit functional mental health diagnosis.


What does "fit functional" mean?

The term 'functional' mental illness is a clinical term which applies to mental disorders other than dementia, and includes severe mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar mood disorder. Symptoms of these disorders frequently persist into old age or, less frequently, begin in old age.[1]


Opening Hours

Our Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Teams have core operating hours of 9am until 9pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


How to access the service

Access to the service is by referral only. Referrals can be made by Mental Health Hospital Teams, Psychiatric Liaison Teams, Community Mental Health Teams, out of hours GP services, Police and Ambulance staff.

What to expect

Our Crisis Teams provide an intensive, safe home treatment service in the least restrictive way. Their aim is to cause minimum disruption to a person’s life whilst meeting their needs in the early stages of acute psychiatric presentations. Interventions are usually made via regular home visits and telephone contact. Interventions are short term and usually last no longer than 6 weeks.

Our CRHTTs can make referrals where needed to our mental health inpatient wards for individuals who would benefit from a hospital stay. Our CRHTTs can also refer individuals to other services such as Psychology, Community Mental Health Teams, Local Primary Mental Health Support Service Teams, Integrated Autism Service and many more.

Our teams

South Powys Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team

Defynnog Ward
Bronllys Hospital


North Powys Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team

Fan Gorau Unit
Newtown Hospital
Llanfair Road
SY16 2DW

Out of hours mental health cover

Adult Mental Health Services (18+) have a number of on call rotas providing out of hours cover. These include a North Powys Psychiatrist on call rota, South Powys Psychiatrist on call rota and a Mental Health Manager on Call rota. All three rotas are in operation out of office hours and weekends, 365 days a year.